Denago City Model 2 Step-Thru eBike

The Denago City Model 2 eBike in step-thru-frame style makes it easy to start and stop, even if you have a short inseam or difficulty throwing a leg over the saddle on a traditional top tube style bike. This follow up to the award-winning City Model 1 is upgraded with an integrated battery and wider 2.6″ tires. Available in sizes S/M and L/XL.


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A minimalist line drawing of a bicycle inside a rectangular frame. The design uses elegant, golden-colored lines to outline the bicycle's wheels, frame, seat, and handlebars. Ideal for a Single Product Page, this simple yet sophisticated artwork features a geometric style.

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2.6″ tires

Locking battery for additional security

Class III eBike up to 28 MPH pedal assist, 20 MPH throttle

Step-thru frame style

Easy starting and stopping

Adjustable stem

Easily raise and lower handlebars

Extra comfort and grip

USA-based support, help when you need it

Comfort saddle with convenient lift handle

Digital display for key stats at a glance

Hydraulic disc brakes, big stopping power

Kickstand making it easy to park


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