Crazy Lenny’s Electric Bikes was started by Len Mattioli (founder, pictured) after a lifetime of being a bicycle enthusiast. In 2012, he and his sons went for a long ride on traditional bikes around the lakes in Madison, WI. After the ride, Len suffered some aches and pains. He did some research to see if there was an easier way to cycle and purchased his first ebike. He fell in love instantly. Len’s thoughts were “Everyone needs one of these in their garage!”

Shortly afterward, he decided that Madison, WI needed an ebike only store, and in March of 2013, he opened Crazy Lenny’s Electric Bikes. In his first year, Len sold over 400 ebikes and has grown to become North American's largest single-location ebike retailer.


We care about you and making sure you pick the right ebike. If you haven’t been on a bike in decades, or you are a seasoned cyclist, our experts will help you find an ebike that promotes an active, fun, and healthy lifestyle.

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We’re committed to ebikes and their positive impact on the environment. Often times an ebike can replace a car and individual’s carbon emissions. In addition, by reducing the cars on the road, ebikes improve traffic flow.