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Winter Storage + Tune-Up for $199

Are you looking for a safe and convenient place to store your e-bike during the cold winter months?

What's included:

Bring your e-bike to Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes anytime in December and take advantage of our Winter Service Package for only $199.

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Step Thru

All the features of a regular frame ebike but with more accessibility to get you on your ride with ease

Fat Tire

Remain grounded, stable, and safe regardless of road or weather conditions with added comfort


Fold it & pack it for an incredible road trip or expedite the first & last mile of public transport commutes.


For daily commuters seeking a reliable, comfortable, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation. Perfect for navigating through city streets and tackling the daily commute with ease and style.


These eBikes are engineered for those who crave versatility and performance in diverse environments, from city streets to rugged trails.


eTrikes are designed for those who seek a stable and relaxed riding experience, combining the ease of an eBike with the added stability of a three-wheeled design.


Why Buy From Crazy Lenny’s?

Choose Crazy Lenny's, where our expertise, variety, and commitment to customer satisfaction create an unbeatable eBike shopping experience!

Why Buy From Crazy Lenny’s?

Choose Crazy Lenny's, where our expertise, variety, and commitment to customer satisfaction create an unbeatable eBike shopping experience!

Massive eBike Inventory

As North America's largest single-location eBike retailer, we offer an unparalleled selection of electric bicycles, catering to every cyclist's preference, from commuters and mountain bikers to hunters and recreational riders.

Unmatched Expertise

At Crazy Lenny's, our expertise in eBikes ensures you save money by finding the right fit the first time. Our knowledgeable team offers personalized consultations to match you with the ideal eBike, preventing costly mistakes and ensuring a perfect cycling experience.

Comprehensive Shopping Experience

At Crazy Lenny's, we're not just selling bikes; we're providing a comprehensive cycling experience. Our services extend beyond sales to include weekly deals, rental options, personalized eBike consultations, and a wide array of used and demo bikes, ensuring every customer finds their perfect match.


Featured Crazy Deals

E-Lux Tahoe

Original price was: $2,495.00.Current price is: $1,995.00.

Troxus Lynx 20” Fat Tire E-bike

Original price was: $2,199.00.Current price is: $1,699.00.

Troxus Explorer 26″ E-bike (Step-Thru or Step-Over)

Original price was: $2,299.00.Current price is: $1,899.00.

Reid E-Trail 2.0 MY23

Original price was: $2,599.00.Current price is: $2,350.00.

Serfas E-Dash Mini

Original price was: $2,199.00.Current price is: $1,750.00.


What Our Customers Say

Larry Gorman

Silverdale, WA

"The bike arrived in less than a week in perfect condition. Assembly was easy enough but took me 2 1/2 hours to accomplish. I had one problem so called Crazy Lenny's and Joel walked me through the solution. Lots of fun and the battery has tons of stored power. I am going to get my wife one now that I know how it all works."

Lynn Erickson

Madison, WI

"What a great experience buying a bike from the legendary Crazy Lenny. We were loyal customers of American TV and Appliance for all of our lives until it sadly closed a few years ago. Who knew Lenny's next adventure was electric bikes?! We worked with Evan to find a great deal on our first electric bike."

Craig Hamilton

Silverdale, WA

"I have been a very satisfied Crazy Lenny's eBikes customer since 2019. I have been extremely happy with my purchases; excellent product quality and great service from the knowledgeable, professional, friendly staff. There have been times staff noted that a particular ebike in which I was interested, might not be the right choice for my needs and steered me toward a better choice."

Tim Kyllonen


"Great customer service. Purchased an e-bike 1 year ago. I am from Upper Michigan and never had any problems with my bike. They make sure the bike is perfect before it goes out the door. No pressure to buy or purchase a certain model. They want you to be happy with the bike you choose. You can take as many bikes as you want to ride to make sure you like what you are purchasing. I love this place and definitely will be back."

Kent Jensen

Perry, UT

"I purchased 2 ebikes from Crazy Lenny's online. I spoke on the phone with Evan, he was very polite and helpful in answering all of my questions. He was very knowledgeable and helped me in selecting the best bikes to fit my needs without being pushy. The prices I received were fantastic, significantly less than what it would have cost me to buy locally. The shipping was quick, and the packaging was excellent. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the bikes and the purchasing experience."

Barbara Morkri

It was a 100% positive and happy experience! I highly recommend Crazy Lenny’s! Don’t bother going anywhere else. I have. Lenny’s was best. Gary was also the best, as was everyone in the store. Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, kind, not pushy… understanding my concern with cost, answering all my Qs. I feel I got the very best price for all that I received. I love my new ebike!!


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