Why we love it:
We love this ebike because of it’s sleek design and high-performance. The sharp angles and strong lines create an ultra-modern finish. This ebike is also great for riders that want to be able to take their bike to the office during the week and off-roading on the weekends. The X Type is perfect for the experienced ebiker who wants to upgrade their ride.

Bianchi E-Omnia X Type


The e-Omnia X-Type is an e-mtb hardtail designed to excel on anything from fire roads to mountain trails.

It’s executed in the gravity-casted aluminum so it’s still exceptionally stiff with great power transfer. The frame is engineered around 29 inch wheels, and the front suspension packs 120mm of travel. The design of the frame also allows the bikers to install a double battery to have a range that can reach 195 kilometers.


The motor option available for the X-Type both provide plenty of range, powerful torque and impressive reliability. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor option comes with a couple of extra features, with an integrated display in the stem, as well as the choice to run a belt drive with Shimano Nexus internal hub. The belt drive lowers maintenance and cuts out noise, two key considerations for a utility e-bike.










5'11" and Above, 5'7" and Under

Call For Best Price: 608-276-5921

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