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We know ebikes

Crazy Lenny’s Electric Bikes was started from an experience that Len (founder) had in 2012 riding traditional bikes with his sons. After a long ride, and suffering some aches and pains, he did some research to see if there was a “better way” to cycle through the pain. Len purchased a Schwinn Tailwind eBike and fell in love with it. Shortly afterwards, he decided that Madison needed an eBike only store, and in March of 2013 he opened Crazy Lenny’s Electric Bikes. Len’s thoughts were “Everyone over 40 years old needs one of these in their garage!” His first year in business, Len sold over 400 ebikes. 

Over 13,9000 eBikes sold

The #1 eBike store

eBikes are for you
and they're here to stay.

Fast forward to today: Len’s entrepreneurial spirt and great business sense proved right! Crazy Len’s Electric Bikes is the the largest single store location electric bike shop in North America. Sales in 2019 were over 3500 ebikes, and the future continues to look very bright! Please come in and see the largest selection of ebikes in the US and talk to one of our cycling veterans. We will consult with you so that you get the right bike. You will then discover the pure enjoyment that occurs while experiencing an eBike from Crazy Lenny’s Electric Bikes! 

A Family owned business

In business with purpose, sold with passion.

We care about you and getting you into the right eBike. If you haven’t been on a bike in decades, or you are a seasoned cyclist, our expert staff takes pride in offering you something that promotes an active, fun and healthy lifestyle. It thrills us!

The more eBikes that are out there, the better it is for the environment. We have seen countless times where an eBike has often replaced a car, and they have a positive impact on the environment and reducing city traffic flow. We are helping the environment and reducing street congestion.

Leonard Mattioli | Founder

The future is here

We enjoy promoting a healthy lifestyle through the benefits of exercise. Whether you are docile and are inspired to achieve some fitness goals, or an avid, agile athlete, an eBike is literally a fitness product for someone in nearly any type of physical shape. Through the wonders of an electrically assisted bike, you can make your eBike ride as easy or as hard as you want to! Let us show you how eBikes really are for everyone! 

Lastly, Crazy Lenny’s Electric Bikes offer the best value on eBikes in the US! We want to give you the best bike for the best price at a very competitive value. That is what we are about!

We’re a group of passionate cycling enthusiast with a goal of providing alternative transportation thats more environmentally friendly.  

We offer a wide selection of premium ebikes without the premium costs.


Est. 2013

13,900+ Ebikes Sold

500+ 5Star Reviews

Nationwide Delivery