Why we love it:
We love this ebike because of its small form factor. The 24″ tires, short wheelbase, and overall petite frame makes it perfect for riders 5’4″ and below. The cruiser-style frame is very comfortable and allows riders to sit upright so they can ride longer and further without soreness.

American Rider Cruiser 24


The American Rider Cruzer is all the bike you need to have fun and stay healthy, without breaking the bank. Simple, easy to operate, takes all the guesswork out of riding an ebike. It’s just you and the road. Powerful performance from a 350 watt motor gives you plenty of brawn to blast up any hill.


Light Blue, Matte Dark Gray, Red, White, Yellow


American Rider


5'7" and Under

Call For Best Price: 608-276-5921

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