With rising gas prices and vehicle costs, many people are turning to electric vehicles (EVs), specifically electric bikes, to replace their gas-powered cars and save money. Are you ready to make the switch to an ebike?

For those who live in a city, a great environmentally alternative to driving a gas-guzzling car is an ebike! And for those that aren’t ready to completely ditch their car, replacing a few commutes with an ebike per week is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and be eco-conscious. Riding an ebike is way more fun than driving a car and we hear riders tell us all the time that their commute is the same amount of time or quicker with an ebike. Moving your body and getting exercise is another added benefit to replacing trips with an ebike.

With the money saved on car payments, parking, insurance, and fuel, you can have more money to spend on vacations or saving for a house. And if you’re worried about needing to haul groceries, larger items, or children, many electric bikes, especially cargo ebikes, can be configured to haul big loads or even passengers. Don’t forget that most stores offer delivery services now as well, so just get your groceries and other items delivered to save even more time.

Another trend we’ve seen a lot of people looking to make some extra cash on the side is using their ebike to work for a food delivery service. Become a PostMates or UberEats driver and turn your ebike into a fun side hustle!

So can an ebike replace a car? The answer is absolutely yes!