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Are There Too Many eBike Brands to Choose From?

A short write-up by John Warriner – Former Ford Dealer GM with 8 plus years in the auto industry. Have you searched for an ebike recently ( electric bike ) and felt overwhelmed with the number of options and brands from 100s of different ebike makers? Well, you’re not alone. Looking for the right ebike […]

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What Happened to

When most consumers experience lousy service or a defective product they simply take it in stride. Their response is limited to refusing to buy the same product or service in the future. However, others, like cyclist Gary Fisher take a different approach. This is the story of one such experience, that eventually led to significant […]

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E-Bike Maintenance: Tools, Tips, and When Your E-Bike Needs Work

Like most other forms of transportation, e-bikes do require some care and maintenance to ensure they work properly. Maintenance will also help increase the lifespan of your e-bike. Luckily, most e-bike maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Here are some tips and guidelines for maintaining your electric bike. Tools for E-Bike Maintenance There are a few […]

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E-Bike Myths and Facts

While e-bikes are gaining in popularity, there are still some myths and misconceptions about electric bicycles. Here are some common electric bike myths and the facts about them. Myth: E-bikes are motorcycles. Fact: While electric bikes do indeed have a motor, they are not the same as motorcycles. In fact, the two wheels and a […]

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The Benefits of E-Bikes

People decide to ride e-bikes for all sorts of reasons. Between commuting, recreational riding, and cycling for fitness, many people are seeing the benefits of e-bikes. The three major categories of e-bike benefits are health, environmental, and financial benefits. Health Cycling on e-bikes shares many of the same health benefits as riding a traditional bicycle. […]

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Electric Bikes Could Provide Older Adults with Brain Boost!

Electric bikes give riders many benefits. In fact, Older cyclists who use electric bicycles may be getting the same brain benefits as those on traditional bikes. A new research study with the lead researcher Dr. Louise-Ann Leyland, published in PLOS ONE has found that older cyclists between the ages of 40-83 have experienced cognitive and mental health benefits […]

CONTINUE READING Electric Bikes Could Provide Older Adults with Brain Boost! 5 min read

How to Choose an E-Bike

If you’ve previously purchased a bicycle, you may already know what style and size bike is ideal for you. However, when shopping for an e-bike, there are some additional factors to consider. With so many styles and options available, how do you know which e-bike you should buy? Here are some tips for how to […]

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Compare Trek Verve+ to Izip E3 Moda

Looking for a commuter eBike like the Trek Verve+?Izip has something better for you without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for an electric bike to go from A to B you may start with a well-known brand like Trek.  Trek has a wide variety of commuter style ebikes starting with the entry-level model Verve+. Available in both […]

CONTINUE READING Compare Trek Verve+ to Izip E3 Moda 2 min read

E-Bikes: What They Are, How They Work, and Why You Should Get One

What are electric bikes? Electronic bikes, also known as “e-bikes”, are regular bicycles with the addition of an electronic drive system to assist your ride. The electronic drive system, consisting of a motor, battery, drivetrain, and throttle, can be used to amplify your pedaling efforts or to fully power the bicycle. Just like traditional bikes, […]

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Electric Bikes Can Be Lightweight

Is a lightweight bike possible? Coboc made a 24lb ebike and others can make even lighter ebikes. Heavy bulky batteries: The biggest drawback to eBikes to date but advancements in technology could change this. The average battery back on an eBike to date is around 12 pounds with larger packs weighing much more. As manufacturers push for […]

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