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The worlds first automotive grade eBike

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Ravi Kempaiah, a good friend to the shop. Has completed a new World Record after setting the last one back in 2016, traveling 5,100 across the country on an eBike. 

The new record was set using the all new Watt Wagon Ultimate Commuter. A titanium frame bike with tons of very high-end efficient components. The challenge was to travel the most amount of miles in just 24 hours using less than $1 of energy cost. 

The event kicked off in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on August 3rd 2019. With sponsors from all over the continent. Brands like…

Bafang – known from high performance mid-drive motors.

Rohloff AG – Extremely low maintenance bicycle transmissions.

EM3 EV – A well known maker of eBike battery technology. 

Leading the research was Prof. Jeff Dahn, world’s foremost battery scientist and the inventor of Li-ion NMC chemistry. Tesla research chat and and inspiring mentor and teacher.

Dahn has received numerous awards including: International Battery Materials Association (IBA) Research Award (1995); Herzberg Medal, Canadian Association of Physicists (1996); ECS Battery Division Research Award (1996); Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (2001); Medal for Excellence in Teaching (2009) from the Canadian Assoc. of Physicists, The Rio-Tinto Alcan Award from the Canadian Institute of Chemistry (2010), the ECS Battery Division Technology Award (2011) the Yeager award from the International Battery Materials Association (2016), the Inaugural Governor General’s Innovation Award (2016)[2] and the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering (2017)

Check out WattWagons Instagram for some cool pictures. 

To learn more about the Watt Wagons Commuter Pro check out this video

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