Setting a World Record on an E-Bike

Breaking a World Record is not easy, breaking it on a bike… even harder.

From Wisconsin to California 5,100 Miles through rain or shine, to set the Guinness World Record for most miles traveled on an E-Bike.

We set a goal for an E-Bike to show the world what they are capable of. To push boundaries and test performance and reliability. Using a stock unmodified Ebike from Stromer “an ST2” to journey the 5,100-mile trip in just 34 days, across 12 states. The journey took place in July and August of 2016.

The Rider: 

Ravi Kempaiah is a Ph.D. student specializing in materials chemistry and nanotechnology. An avid sports enthusiast, he maintains active interest in EV, batteries and bicycling. He picked up interest in E-bikes when he met Len Mattioli aka Crazy TV Lenny of Madison, WI in 2013. Since then, he has been using E-bikes for commute and recreational purposes almost everyday. Guinness World Record attempt is an attempt to bring awareness about the possibility of E-bikes.

The Bike: 

Stromer ST2 S

Acceleration: an incredible 40 Nm
Motor: High-tech, developed in Switzerland – the SYNO Drive motor
Formula 1 shifting: Electronic shifting system for the eleven gears at the press of a button.
Four-piston brake system: adapted from motor racing and optimized for the ST2 S.
Carbon fork: This sophisticated material is not only extremely light, but also enables longer rides, less tiring, more fun.
Information superhighway: The ST2 S operates with CAN bus technology. Communication between the touchscreen in the top tube, battery and motor runs along just one cable.
Lighting: With intelligence thanks to light sensor – the LED matrix headlight from Supernova, with low and high-beam mode with up to 1,600 lumens. An efficient brake light rounds off the high-grade lighting concept

The beginnings of a record:

Ravi started his active interest in EV (electric vehicles), batteries and bicycling ten years ago. Three years ago he met Wisconsin’s famous retailer “Crazy” Lenny (Mattioli), and Lenny’s stories of riding cross-country on a bike and his passion for e-bikes sparked Ravi’s interest and desire to break the Guinness World Records’ current record of 4,443.4 miles on an e-bike.

Lenny and Ravi both agree that this attempt at the world record is more about bringing e-bike awareness to the United States than the title itself. These bikes have amassed large popularity overseas but have yet to be widely adopted in North America. The benefits of e-bikes include:

  • A more active and healthy lifestyle
  • Aids in a sustainable future with less of a dependence on fossil fuels
  • Easier commutes with reduced traffic stress
  • Alternative road trip option, as these bikes were designed to go the distance
  • Adventurers’ best friend for mountain, off-roading and trail explorations
“I was inspired to change the perception about
e-bikes in
North America,”
Ravindra Kempaiah
“I think a common misconception about e-bikes is that they are not designed for the common person, are expensive and don’t provide health benefits, all which is untrue. I was inspired to change this perception,” Ravindra Kempaiah said. “I hope that my journey stirs the country to see the positive impact e-bikes can have and changes the conversation about how they fit into our society.”

Kempaiah rode through ten states to achieve his 5,000 miles and will be collecting signatures along the way from local witnesses, taking photos every two hours and logging every portion of his trip so he can ensure his submission for the world record meets all the guidelines. Many who have attempted this feat in the past have failed to properly follow submission terms.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Alliance, Nebraska
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Bozeman, Montana
  • Plummer, Idaho
  • Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Tacoma, Washington
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Napa, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Diego, California

National park stops along the way include:

To prepare for his ride, Kempaiah has been riding for four hours every morning and every evening on his trusted Stromer bike. While these e-bikes have a motor and use batteries, the athletic accomplishment of pedaling more than 175 miles a day for more than a month no easy feat and beyond basic human capability. This has required Kempaia to be disciplined in his workouts and eating habits.

“Stromer is proud to be a part of this ride for e-bike awareness and wishes Ravi safe travels on his journey,” said Scott Anderson, myStromer USA Corp. U.S. marketing manager. “We look forward to watching Ravi cross the 5,000-mile mark here in San Diego next month.”

The Stromer e-bike will be outfitted with a BodyFloat a suspension seat post for maximum comfort and support for Ravi’s ride.

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About Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes: Crazy Lenny’s opened in March of 2013 with 70 e-bikes and three brands. Today the store sells 240 different models with 17 brands and has shipped to happy customers in all 50 states.The store was awarded 2015 Dealer of the Year by Easy Motion Electric Bikes. The store has experienced double-digit growth every year — with original customers returning to buy e-bikes for other family members. Lenny’s number one priority is the customer and their experience in the store. Lenny himself is an e-bike enthusiast and rides one daily.

About Stromer: By constantly striving for the newest, highest quality and innovative technologies, a new driving experience was born: The Swiss Driving Experience!   Stromer electric bikes offer incomparable range, power, and versatility, and are not only eco-friendly but stylish and chic as well.

Top-of-the-line performance comes from a brush-less 500W rear hub motor, a pedal-assisted speed of up to 28 mph, a 983Wh battery (or up to 110 miles of battery range on a charge), in addition to the premium component specifications.

Stromer backs up its sleek, modern design with mobile device integration (including a built in USB charger), allowing your smartphone to connect directly to your bike via the myStromer app. The connectivity means the ride settings, the anti-theft program and GPS tracking can all be accessed from your smart phone. On top of all this Stromer differentiates itself with its Swiss heritage and premium position.

Stromer is The “Reference Point” in today’s e-bike market!

We are a proud supporter of both Ravi and Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes on this great adventure and will be cheering him on throughout his ride! Go Ravi!

About BodyFloat: Cirrus Cycles is proud to support (Ravi…and Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes)  on their mission to set an new Guinness World Record of5,000 miles on an e-bike.  BodyFloat Technology will help Ravi ride further, with more comfort and less fatigue while optimizing the amazing technology and power of the Stromer ST2. Ravi is helping spread the word that E-bike’s offer new and amazing opportunities to literally any rider out there, from beginner to pro, from race to beach.  Riders from around the globe, of all abilities, are taking note that the electric bike is a wide open opportunity to ride new roads, put in more miles and have more fun on any curve that lies ahead. Good luck Ravi…we’ll see you on the road!

Cirrus Cycles’s BodyFloat Isolation Systems help optimize the riding experience of any rider…on any bike.  BodyFloat offers the comfort benefits of suspension effectively paired with the improved performance characteristics of a controllable and proper connection.  An efficient connection between bike and rider allows a rider to go further, more comfortably and with more power to best accentuates the technology of the bike being ridden. Road surface vibrations, small bumps and cracks on the road are virtually eliminated and more importantly, the body maintains a stable, smooth output.  As the miles pass under the tires, energy is passed through the bike and into the rider, BodyFloat’s unique design features is the gold standard of tunable vertical compliance and best isolates a rider from all these energies…and creates a feeling and connection with your bike that is something to experience.

Gallery of visits along the way:

Badlands National park, South Dakota

Yellowstone National Park.

Paying respects to the founders at Mt rushmore .

Running into Court Rye from

Night time riding is no issue with the Supernova M99 Pro

Crossing Troy Rank’s record

Stromer and Tesla meet near Big Sur “The two share so much in common”

The Record itself

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