Due to extremely high demand we cannot take service related phone calls. If you are having issues with you ebike that may be common issues please see our FAQ section on this page. We cannot make or accept appointments. We can accept drop offs. If you cannot bring us your ebike we do offer pick up and delivery services. 



Maximize your range

Good maintenance is crucial to increasing the lifespan of your ebike.

Over 100 years of experience

Our technicians have over 100 years of combined experience working on bicycles.

Local pickup & delivery

Available local pick up and delivery for our guests that cannot make it to our shop.

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We accept all major card carriers and online payments including apple pay & android pay.

Our Maintenance packages

Our rates are based on industry  standards and our expertise | 7-10 day lead time
Labor only, parts extra. (typically $30 or less) Prices do not inlude tax


250 Mile Service

Basic service


500 Mile SERVICE

Everything in 250 mile service +


1000 Mile service

Everything in 500 mile service +


Find out if your ebike is covered


Before deciding your ebike needs servicing try troubleshooting for basic errors & glitches.

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Our team of world class technicians is here to treat your bike to the best! Our staff has over a century of combined experience spanning multiple continents, races, retailers and manufacturers. In short, you won’t find a more competent, high-quality service department in the business!

Frequently asked questions

Before you just bring your ebike in to have us work on it, please try to trouble shoot basic and common issues. This will save us both time and keep you on the road longer, so you can enjoy those beautiful healthy rides. 

  • Your ebike does not power on after trying to troubleshoot. 
  • Your tires do not take or hold air.
  • Your chain skips or fails off
  • Your brakes squeak more than normal and while riding
  • Your wheels wobble more than normal while riding. 
  • Your shifter is not shifting
  • Your ebike is not charging. 

Your ebike needs regular service due to all the moving and working components. If you ride your ebike everyday to commute to work or run errands you may want to service your ebike for maintenance as much as 3 times per year. 

  • If you ride your ebike more than 100 miles per week you should service your ebike every 3 months of riding. 
  • If your eBike sits for more than 3 months it should be serviced. 

Part of your eBikes warranty requires maintenance by an authorized dealer. Good maintenance to your ebike keeps everything in-tune and adjusted to maintain reliability and safety when you ride. Keep in mind, eBikes typically move much faster than traditional bicycles. These higher speeds can be dangerous with poor maintenance.


During peak seasons and the month that lead up to summer, is when most people start to think about riding their ebikes. Due to the high demand in of mass influx of traffic we can only do so much. From March to August we cannot accept service appointments. From April – July we cannot accept phone calls for service. Lead times may be up to a month if  parts have to be ordered. In some rare cases it can be longer. We can not provide an estimate on service time without looking at your ebike first. 

Our service entrance is located towards the end of the building 3rd door from the main entrance. You will find a service sign overhead. For safety precautions due to COVID-19 please leave your ebike outside our service entrance and if other are waiting please maintain a safe distance for each other. When we receive your ebike we have to wipe it down before a technician can look at your ebike. 

Be prepared to leave your ebike with us if we need to keep it for service as most repairs are not quick. 

Always bring your ebike charger and keys. In the case we need to keep your ebike we will ask for this. 

The majority of the ebikes we sell come with a limited manufacture warranty. Some are longer than others and some cover more than others. The typical warranty is 1 year coverage on non-wear items such as brake pads & tires.

We have provided some links on major manufactures warranty pages. If you do not see your ebike please search online before reaching out to us.













Every ebike with a retail value over $1000 has a serial number. It may be hidden but keep looking. Typical locations are near the crank, behind the seat post, under the frame, bottom of the head-tube. The serial may be stamped and painted over on the frame so it can be hard to find. We do not keep track of your ebikes serial number. 

eBikes with a digital display or controller usually have a odometer in a hidden menu. Please see your owners manual or the manufactures website to learn more. 


In the rare event that you cannot find a repair shop nearest to you and you have to ship your ebike be prepared to spend $100 – $300 for ground shipping services one way. Shipping a 50lb+ box the size of a flat screen TV is not cheap. That is why we always highly suggest you work with a local repair shop. We are more than willing to work with your repair shop to coordinate repairs and help with warranty claims. 

You can schedule a pick up via email 

Once your ebike is ready we can make arrangements to deliver your ebike back to you. 

If you live local to Madison Wisconsin we can pick-up and drop off your ebike. If your within 15-20 miles from our store our fee is $25 which is billed upon pick-up with our mobile card reader so please have your credit/debit card ready when the driver arrives. 

If you live in within an hour from the store or slightly further please email us to get a quote on fees. 

If you live out of state we cannot offer this service and it is up to you to bring your ebike in. We highly suggest you find a local bike shop that can work on ebikes. If you insist we work on your ebike you can mail us your ebike. We cannot cover any handling expenses. 

Most parts will be billed upon checkout, misc parts such as nuts bolts and washer may or not be charged. 

If you think there is a good Q&A to add to help others please share it with us!


For other inquiries please email

*Please include make & model with description of issue. 




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