When people think of electric bikes, not many consider them a viable option for hunters. When considering modes of transportation, you may understandably think hunters would choose an ATV and not an electric hunting bike.

What if I told you there are electric bikes specifically made for all-terrain activities like hunting?

Electric hunting bikes have only been around for the past few years. However, manufacturers improved technology during this short period of time. Some electric bike manufacturers refer to electric hunting bikes as electric mountain bikes (eMTBs).

Let’s consider some of the reasons hunters may find electric hunting bikes worth the investment.

Electric Hunting Bikes makes the transportation of gear and equipment is easier.

If given the option, hunters would gladly choose to lighten the load they carry while hunting. Hunters carry an average of 50lbs in equipment and gear in addition to a hunting rifle or bow. With these heavy loads, hunting trips can take a toll on a hunter’s body. To be fully prepared, hunters must carry a plethora of items. Their pack could include ammunition, a flashlight, a first aid kit, food, binoculars/rangefinder, rain gear, among many other things.

Higher caliber electric hunting bikes have motors capable of transporting upwards of 300 lbs. This would include towing a gear-filled trailer. Because electric hunting bikes can be ridden with the throttle engaged, hunters do not need to expend energy pedaling. However, some may choose to do so to conserve battery power. The strong lightweight frame of electric hunting bikes ensures that battery power or physical energy is used efficiently.

Electric Hunting Bikes help keep hunters safe.

During these hunting trips, there is always the unfortunate risk of injury. If the injury is minor, they can use an electric hunting bike to transport themselves and their gear to a safe location. This could be done more quickly on electric hunting bikes than on foot.

In addition, the fat tires on electric hunting bikes give the traction and control needed on the various terrains hunters may face. Traveling these terrains is safer on an electric hunting bike than on foot.

Hunters can efficiently cover hunting grounds.

With a powerful motor and fat tires, electric hunting bikes can take hunters to areas farther out more quickly, using less energy. They can also expand the types of terrains hunters are able to cover. This can allow them to travel through areas that may be impassable on foot.

Electric Hunting Bikes Increase the Chance of Locating Game.

Despite being powerful, motors on electric hunting bikes are quieter than ATV’s. This quieter motor allows hunters to travel from one spot to another without scaring away their targets. Electric hunting bikes are significantly quieter than ATV’s, with many owners finding them even quieter than traveling by foot.

They allow hunters to transport hunted game more easily.

Hunters can enjoy the thrill of bagging their targeted game without worrying about how it will be transported off the hunting grounds. With its powerful motor, electric hunting bikes can tow the hunted game aboard a trailer. This alleviates the physical stress on a hunter’s body. More importantly, it significantly decreases the risk of injury from lifting and carrying heavy carcasses.

Hunting e-bike

Considering these reasons, it is clear why electric hunting bikes make for a more pleasurable hunting trip. The smooth ride from the higher grade suspension is ‘icing on the cake’.

If taken care of well, hunting enthusiasts will find electric hunting bikes well worth the investment.  Hunters should consider reputable manufacturers when selecting an electric hunting bike. These manufacturers build their bikes with quality materials and advanced technology while keeping hunters’ needs in mind. 

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