Category: Electric Bike Basics

Are E-bikes Legal? Understanding the Laws Related to Safety and Operation

If you’re considering your first e-bike purchase, you may be wondering if e-bikes are legal where you live. Determining whether e-bikes are legal is not straightforward as some may think. The Federal government has the authority to regulate the safety of e-bikes. However, all other aspects of e-bike laws are decided at the state level. […]

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E-Bike Myths and Facts

While e-bikes are gaining in popularity, there are still some myths and misconceptions about electric bicycles. Here are some common electric bike myths and the facts about them. Myth: E-bikes are motorcycles. Fact: While electric bikes do indeed have a motor, they are not the same as motorcycles. In fact, the two wheels and a […]

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The Benefits of E-Bikes

People decide to ride e-bikes for all sorts of reasons. Between commuting, recreational riding, and cycling for fitness, many people are seeing the benefits of e-bikes. The three major categories of e-bike benefits are health, environmental, and financial benefits. Health Cycling on e-bikes shares many of the same health benefits as riding a traditional bicycle. […]

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How to Choose an E-Bike

If you’ve previously purchased a bicycle, you may already know what style and size bike is ideal for you. However, when shopping for an e-bike, there are some additional factors to consider. With so many styles and options available, how do you know which e-bike you should buy? Here are some tips for how to […]

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E-Bikes: What They Are, How They Work, and Why You Should Get One

What are electric bikes? Electronic bikes, also known as “e-bikes”, are regular bicycles with the addition of an electronic drive system to assist your ride. The electronic drive system, consisting of a motor, battery, drivetrain, and throttle, can be used to amplify your pedaling efforts or to fully power the bicycle. Just like traditional bikes, […]

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What is a Fat Tire EBike Anyway?

Fat Tire Bikes or Fat Tire EBikes (short for electric bikes) is currently a trending topic today. Why are these Bikes so popular now? You’ve probably noticed more and more bikes on the trail and roads lately with very wide knobby tires, and there’s a reason why. Tires play a large part in a Bikes safety […]

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Why You Should Care About Your Battery!

Just bought a new Ebike? Well here is something very important you should know! Not everyone will tell you how to take care of your battery when you purchase your Ebike, but we will. We want t0o you to be able to enjoy riding your Ebike for years to come. Not taking care of your […]

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