Why Electric Bikes Are The Wave Of The Future

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Why Electric Bikes Are The Wave Of The Future

Here at Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes, we believe that electric bikes (e-bikes) are the transportation of the future, and that almost everybody could benefit from riding one. Not familiar with e-bikes? An e-bike operates like a normal bike, but also houses a motor and a battery that the rider can use at his or her discretion. So, if you want to treat your e-bike like a normal bike and pedal without engaging the motor, more power to you. But, if you find yourself struggling up a hill or have a long ride ahead of you, turn on your e-bike’s pedal assist feature and away you go!

Like we mentioned, we think almost everybody could benefit from riding an e-bike. Do any of the below sound like you?

  • You are a commuter drained by the amount of time you sit in your car in traffic, or you are looking for a fun and health-conscious, active way to and from work
  • You are a poor parallel parker frustrated with the lack of parking and space at your downtown office or in your own neighborhood.
  • You are (or were) an avid cyclist concerned that hills will keep you in back of the pack. E-bikes conquer hills so you can still have long fun rides.
  • You are an outdoor enthusiast excited by the fun of traveling farther and faster on your bike (without necessarily exerting more effort).
  • You are a nature lover and concerned citizen of this beautiful planet looking to make small changes in your life to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • You are somebody who likes to have fun.

Sound familiar? Then come on down to Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes, where we have over 200 unique e-bike models suited for a variety of purposes.

Our commuter bikes are made specially for riders looking to trade in their cars or public transportation for a smoother, more enjoyable ride to work. What better way to start your work day than with a relaxing, pedal-assisted ride to the office?

Our mountain and off-road e-bikes are perfect for novice and avid bicyclists alike looking to travel farther faster on their bike.

Our comfort cruiser e-bikes are suited to all types of riders. These are some of the most comfortable bikes in the market, and are ideal for casual cruises.

Not sure which e-bike would best suit your needs? Come in to Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes, or give us a call, and one of trained staff members will assist in choosing the perfect e-bike for you. We’ll even let you take a spin along the bike path (conveniently located behind our store), or rent one of our e-bikes for the entire day to see how it fits into your lifestyle.

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