Ravi Achieves a New Guinness World Record 5,000 Miles

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Ravi Achieves a New Guinness World Record 5,000 Miles

Going Where No Electric Bike Has Gone Before ... 5,000 Miles Across the United States to Break the Guinness World Record

Ph.D. Scholar and E-bike Enthusiast Ravindra Kempaiah Begins Monthlong Journey

Beginning today (July 18, 2016) southern India native, materials scientist and Ph.D. student Ravindra Kempaiah (32), will be attempting to ride 5,000 miles across the country on a Stromer e-bike with a BodyFloat isolation system. Ravi departs from his mentor’s store Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes in Madison, Wisconsin, this morning and will be finishing his journey at Stromer’s headquarters in San Diego, California, in mid-August. 

Ravi started his active interest in EV (electric vehicles), batteries and bicycling twenty ten years ago. Three years ago he met Wisconsin’s famous retailer “Crazy” Lenny (Mattioli), and Lenny’s stories of riding cross-country on a bike and his passion for e-bikes sparked Ravi’s interest and desire to break the Guinness World Records’ current record of 4,443.4 miles on an e-bike.

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Snapshot Day 1   Distance 137.1     Avg Speed 21.5

"After 108 miles, I was tired and it was hot outside. Then I rested for an an hour. I was able to go extra 29 miles.

What I learnt today:  Never make decisions when you're tired."

Today was one of the most remarkable days in my e-biking experience. There are so many people I care about who have helped this dream become a reality. Thank you! The journey is now officially underway. 

Snapshot Day 2   
Today: Distance 144.6   Avg Speed 21.2
To Date: Distance 281.7   Avg Speed 21.3

It's hot outside, so I'm riding mostly early mornings or evenings. Day -2, Clocked La Crosse to Stillwater, MN. Thanks to Supernova M99 Pro on the ST2- S, I had no problem riding late in the evening.

What I learnt today:  Always listen to your body. It was hot outside and I was feeling dehydrated, so I stopped and rested for few hours. Then, I managed to complete the 144 miles."

Snapshot Day 3

Today: Distance   89.3   Avg Speed  23.6

To Date: Distance 371.0   Avg Speed  22.1

Snapshot Day 4

Today: Distance   159.3   Avg Speed 22.6

To Date: Distance   530.0   Avg Speed  22.4

Ravi is powering through Paul Bunyan State Trail. It's like nirvana for E-Bikes. 112 miles of traffic free, smooth trail. Worth a visit if you're in MN. 

Snapshot Day 5

Today: Distance  115.2   Avg Speed  24.3

To Date: Distance  645.5   Avg Speed  22.8

Congratulations to Ravi on being acknowledged on treehugger!

Snapshot Day 6

Today: Distance  138.3   Avg Speed  23.5

To Date: Distance  738.8   Avg Speed  22.7

Remaining: Distance  4216.2

We are averaging 130 miles/day so far. I found a new aero position that lets me maintain 25 mph pace without straining myself. I desperately need aerobars. As we try to up the pace, it comes with its own challenges i.e., flats. Had a flat in the middle of nowhere and it was 10.30pm at night. Zillion bugs and mosquitoes try to attack you at night and it was quite challenging. The other day, we had to jump start the support van. We waved at several vehicles but none of them stopped. Doug (he was a saint) not only did he stop but he went to the nearest town and got the jumper cable and got our van started. Very grateful to that kind human being.

MN is a beautiful state and loved biking here. I will come back for more later but today, I head to Fargo, North Dakota. My body has gotten used to the rigor and demands. Thank you all for your wishes and support. Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes, Stromer, Cirrus Cycles - BodyFloat

Snapshot Day 7

Today: Distance  136.6   Avg Speed  23.7

To Date: Distance  920.4   Avg Speed  23.2

Remaining: Distance  4079.6

Snapshot  Distance    Speed

Today             92.3        24.5

Average       126.6        23.2

To Date      1012.7

Remaining 3987.3

Over the past few days Ravi has had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, the van needed a jump start and has been battling mosquitos at night.

Ravi found a new aero position that lets him maintain near 25mph pace without straining himself. Monday he rode through Fargo, North Dakota.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             101.2         23.9

Average         123.8         23.3

To Date        1113.9

Remaining   3886.1

Afternoon thunderstorms, had to start late.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             101.1         24.2

Average         121.4         23.4

To Date        1210.4

Remaining   3786.0

Biking in North Dakota is a great experience. Seemingly endless stretches of roads with farms on either side. Will head towards Rapid city and Badlands national park in a day. 

Thunderstorms and flats have limited the mileage but we are well on schedule and I'm feeling great. - Ravi


Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             200.5         22.3

Average         128.6         23.3

To Date        1414.5

Remaining   3585.5

Another great day of biking yesterday and I had to up the ante. Did nonstop 201 miles. It was 57'F at night with heavy mist. Quite challenging to ride when the shoulders are narrow. Looking forward to visit Mt Rushmore and Badlands national park. - Ravi

Ravi makes Newsweek!

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today               76.6         21.4

Average         124.1         21.3

To Date        1488.6

Remaining   3508.9

Ravi took the day off. A big week is on the horizon!

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See Treehugger.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today               52.0         22.1

Average         110.0         21.5

To Date        1562.7

Remaining   3456.9

This weekend Ravi biked around Mount Rushmore.

Ravi said this part of South Dakota is absolutely beautiful with icy cold black forests, black hills around national memorial and a national forest filled with goats, deeds and jaguars. He also said the area exudes a strong sense of national pride and is truly a must visit place.

Ravi did not ride today. Zero miles are posted.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             186.0        22.9

Average         104.8        20.2

To Date        1729.1

Remaining   3270.9

Ravi at ‪‎Badlands National Park‬. Ravi described the backdrop as a mini ‪‎Grand Canyon‬ and an overall gorgeous place. His electric bike allows him visit these national parks in a completely different way.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             196.2        22.9

Average         124.0        21.7

To Date        2108.7

Remaining   2891.3

We were incredibly lucky. Heavy storms all around us but we didn't get stuck anywhere. We are averaging 190 miles/ day for the last 2 days and today we'll cross the 2000 mile mark. Rich joining has given me extra strength. Let's make it to San Diego soon. 
- Ravi

With Richard by my side, I have renewed strength and confidence. Having a good support team is extremely important. — at Nebraska National Forest.

We were incredibly lucky. All around us, there were storms but we managed to go 195 miles without getting stuck. — at Nebraska National Forest.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             154.2        22.6

Average         115.5        20.4

To Date        2079.5

Remaining   2920.5

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             161.6        23.9

Average         118.0        20.6

To Date         2241.1 

Remaining    2758.9

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             106.4        23.9

Average         117.4        23.1

To Date        2347.5

Remaining   2652.5

We performed an internal audit and found zero major findings and three minor findings all which are listed below and now corrected. Thank you

1. Day 12: 2.5 miles were ridden and not recorded. That is now corrected and all subsequent days reflect new totals. 

2. Day 15: Ravi did not ride and that now reflects zero miles ridden. The statistical information for that day was human error copy and paste. Because this is a word document this entry does not affect calculations. 

3. Day 16: Miles ridden was reported as 185.9. Actual number is 186.0

All other statistical information is correct and verified. 


Yesterday, we visited Rocky Mountains national park and met with friends Rick and Court Rye of Electric Bike Review. Even though it was raining, the ride up to Rockies was just beautiful. Today, we start heading towards Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons.
- Ravi

Epic ride to the Grand Teton! Ravi passes the 1/2 way mark with 2,558.1 miles!

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             210.6        22.6

Average         121.8        23.1

To Date        2558.1

Remaining   2441.9

Ravi's rockin'!

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             207.7        24.5

Average         131.7        24.3

To Date        2765.8

Remaining   2234.2

EBR's video was just released. It is not from today, it is from an earlier day. You can also link to this video on the side bar of the blog. Thank you.

Yesterday Ravi rode through Yellowstone National Park and the park's Continental Divide Trail. Today Ravi is headed to Glacier National Park in Montana!

Rain, road construction, diversions = low mileage - Ravi

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             176.0        23.0

Average         127.9        23.1

To Date        2941.8

Remaining   2058.2

The first 75 miles were the toughest but the last 100 miles were the most beautiful. - Ravi

Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes is not only sponsoring Ravi's 5,000 mile ride to break the world record but is also riding along with him to ensure his safety and to make sure he always has some friendly familiar, faces with him at every pit stop! Lenny can hardly to see Ravi complete this adventure next Saturday (8/10/16) in San Diego!

It's been quite a journey and there is a lot more to see and much fun to be had!

Today was a record distance!

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             238.8        23.4

Average         132.5        23.1

To Date        3180.6

Remaining   1819.4

Ravi is on the way to accomplishing an incredible feat, that when fulfilled will be documented for life in Guinness World Records. And even bigger than that is Ravi's passionate story - his dedication to extolling the many virtues of incorporating the electric bike into our everyday lives. 

Earlier this week Ravi rode through Glacier National Park then departed for Idaho and Washington. Saturday, August 20 Ravi finishes his trip at Stromer in San Diego and completes his world record ride! Go, Ravi!

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             220.3        23.5

Average         136.0        23.1

To Date        3400.9

Remaining    1599.1

Ravi is about to begin the final stretch. 

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             199.9        24.0

Average         138.5        23.2

To Date         3600.8

Remaining    1399.2

In 440 miles Ravi will have broken the Guinness World Record. After that, with 550 more miles Ravi will have acheived his personal goal of 5,000 miles! Ravi entered the Pacific Coast today on his way to the finish line in San Diego, CA home of Stromer HQ!  

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             196.4        22.5

Average         143.2        23.2

To Date         4009.5

Remaining      990.5

"Wednesday is the day we cross the current Guinness World Records mark. Currently cruising along the scenic California highway 101.

Getting ready for the big days ahead. Stromer ST2-S has been flawless and the support from Crazy Lenny's team has been outstanding." -Ravi

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             155.6        24.3

Average         143.6        23.2

To Date         4165.1

Remaining      834.9

Wednesday Ravi crosses the current Guinness World Records mark of 4443.4 miles! Today rode to Fort Bragg.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             218.6        22.5

Average         146.1        23.2

To Date         4383.7

Remaining      616.3

Ravi surpassed the current world record mark of 4443.4 miles. Ride to San Francisco. Cold and foggy. Miserable ride through the city. 

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             197.3         21.3 

Average         147.7         23.3

To Date        4577.4

Remaining     422.6

Sorry...in updating I neglected to include that Ravi had two rides on Thursday. So below is the updated information. Apology, thanks. 

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today           219.10         23.0

Average         149.9         23.1

To Date        4796.5

Remaining     203.5

Three rides today! The day before Ravi reaches 5,000 miles and establishes the benchmark for the new Guinness World Record.

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             186.6         22.1

Average         151.0         23.0

To Date        4983.1

Remaining       16.9

"An epic journey comes to an end after ~5100 miles."Ravi

Ravi exceeded his 5,000 mile goal today e-biking a total of 5100.9 miles arriving a Stromer HQ this afternoon. 

More details to follow. CONGRATULATIONS RAVI!

Snapshot   Distance    Speed

Today             117.8         20.5

Average         150.0         23.0

To Date        5100.9

Remaining       00.0

A warm and hearty thank YOU for all your support during Ravi's incredible journey.

A BIG thank you from Crazy Lenny's E-Bikes to our Partners in this program, Stromer and BodyFloat. We are all very proud of Ravi. He set a magnificent goal and achieved a new Guinness World Record!

More info later this week.  

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