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Are There Too Many eBike Brands to Choose From?

A short write-up by John Warriner – Former Ford Dealer GM with 8 plus years in the auto industry.

Have you searched for an ebike recently ( electric bike ) and felt overwhelmed with the number of options and brands from 100s of different ebike makers? Well, you’re not alone. Looking for the right ebike to purchase today is stressful. 

To understand why there are so many brands we first must understand history and trends when it comes to transportation.

When automobiles and motorcycles first hit the market back in the early 1900s it was considered new and exciting tech, the way of the future and a way to get around. Everyone around the globe wanted these new pair of wheels powered by an engine. 

Due to the increased popularity, many companies were founded making products for the new expanding market. A race to build the best new selling auto or motorcycle had begun. 

At one point there were over 100 automotive brands in the United States alone by the 1950s there were only a dozen left. What had happened, was once the market became too saturated the only companies left had the best products for the best price. Known in other terms as “dominate marketing”

I see this same trend today with electric bikes. Globally there is estimated 500 Plus brands that make and sell ebikes.

The sheer amount of options on the market today make shopping very difficult for many first time buyers. That’s why the team of highly trained professionals at Crazy Lennys does the research for you. Handpicking over 20 of the best Brands on the market in all ranges for your budget. We will find you the perfect ebike for the right amount of money.

This is the very reason Crazy Lenny is so successful in selling ebikes and what makes us the industry leader in the States. 

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