Crazy Lenny’s EBikes stocks over a dozen Electric Bike Brands including Stromer, HaibikeBulls & many more. Guaranteed to have the lowest prices on Electric Bikes in the nation. We stock over 200+ Electric Bikes right in our 12,000 sq ft store. Free test rides on all Electric Bikes in stock.

Can't find what you're looking for or not sure what you need? Contact us! Our experts are happy to answer your questions.



BIKE SERVICE REPAIR & MAINTENANCE We service Electric Bikes and Regular Bikes. With over 100+ years of experience from certified technicians, our experts can fix just about anything.


Find a replacement battery for your ebike here, we have many in stock. We carry batteries for major brands like Haibike, BH Easymotion, Stromer, Pedego and much much more.


ELECTRIC BIKE NEW & USED SALES We sell over a dozen electric bike brands. New & Used. We stock over 300+ bikes on hand in our 12,000 sq ft bike shop. Nobody carry's more ebikes than we do on hand.


We stock 100's of accessories in our showroom. Everything you need to get out on the track or road. If you cannot find it we have access to 70,000+ accessories & parts from major suppliers and will price match.

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With more than 17,401 Electric Bikes sold, we can say we’re experts. Our expertise and hard work ranked us the #1 Electric Bike Store in the United States according to Alexa Page Rankings. We could not achieve this alone or overnight. Our relationships with our suppliers allows us to price ebikes less than anyone else. 

Our amazing loyal customers don’t just purchase electric bikes, they also receive the amazing quality of service behind it. Because of our excellent customer service over the years our customers come back to us over and over again. One rider turns into two, two turn into a family of electric bike riders.

Serving the greater Madison Area since 2013

Our goal is 100% Satisfaction


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Dr. Audet

Greensboro, NC

Purchasing an E-bike is like riding your first bike; it’s clumsy in the beginning and problems usually get bigger while your skills become stronger. Understanding what’s going on around you intensifies, complexity in making real-time decisions increases, and the consequence from using poor judgement often results in making a bad decision. Making it doubly hard to reach an informed buying decision is the chasm between your unique riding needs and the vast number of options in the e-bike world. The degree to which companies and customers work together to solve the puzzle related to buying a bike is critical to experiencing customer satisfaction or buyer’s remorse.

John, from Crazy Lenny’s, dedicated himself to making sure I had a successful shopping experience. He helped me identify and prioritize what I wanted and needed. John was always available to answer my small and large questions. He provided valuable information on service and support for each brand, and he offered several choices that met my budget. My trust and confidence steadily grew as he increased my safety in making a decision.

I ended up buying two distinct e-bikes, one for my wife and one for me. We are especially happy because we believe we have the most appropriate bike for each and we feel great about having the best quality and fashion for the price we paid. Now, we appreciate expanding our ways to exercise and love having the freedom of exploring new places.


Carolyn Tiller

Dilion, CO

“I just had an amazing buying experience over the phone with John!

He found me the perfect bike at an amazing price! I live in Colorado and he killed the local shops on a price!

So excited and can’t wait till my new bike arrives! You guys ROCK!!!”


Fausto Morales

Houston, TX

“So I live in Houston and was referred by another bike shop in my state to contact the guys from Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes and Im glad I did!! Gary helped me over the phone and even though I was just doing research he made me feel very comfortable with the whole process and his extensive knowledge in bikes really helped me decide on the right E bike to purchase for me and my Fiance. Very pleased with the service this place gives. Highly recommend it and i would suggest to talk to Gary there, he’s great!”


Chris & Becky Dolson

Verona, WI

“Great place to get an e-bike. Salespeople are very knowledgeable and super kind. For someone who is just entering into the world of e-bikes they don’t make you feel stupid; they are very patient and gracious. We never felt pressured to buy a bike; they just answered our questions and helped us understand the amazing world of electronic bikes. E-bikes are super popular in Europe and we are just catching up to the trend. When we finally made a decision and we visited the store about 10 times (no kidding) they gave us a fair deal. Highly recommend you get your e-bike here.”


Bud & Jackie @ RapidFiretek RFTUSA

Gary, IN

“Had a wonderful experience at Crazy Lennys. John was so much help at setting Jackie and I up with a couple of e-bikes. John was very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time making sure we got the bikes that fit our requirements. My wife is riding the Atom Street and I bought the Rebel Lynx. Thanks again John for taking the time for us….Dont hesitate to buy from Crazy Lennys. You wont believe all the e-bikes they have at bargan prices….”


Nancy Gillmore

Holmen, WI

“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with buying my e bike! It has been a bit of a journey finding the correct one which resulted with repeated trips back to the store but the staff — (Evan in particular) showed incredible patience, knowledge and passion making great customer service look graceful and easy! I LOVE my bike- and even named her Beverly! Thank you for bringing my love of bike riding back into my life! You will not regret working with the staff from Crazy Lenny’s – from the first inquiry phone call to the sale of the bike- this place has got your back!”


Dave Hill

Madison, WI

I had a great experience today. I haven’t ridden a bike in several years and thought I’d be shaky on an e-bike. The person showing me the e-bike was extremely patient & helpful. There are many to choose from, but we quickly narrowed down the choices to the two that worked best for me. Both were nice, but the more expensive one was also noticeably better. (Tough choice for me!) After a couple loops around the lot to get back my long lost riding skills, I took off down the bike trail. With the training I received, I was up to speed very quickly. There was no pressure to buy a bike, which I really appreciated.



Electric bikes (e-bikes) are very similar to regular bikes, only more fun! An e-bike has a motor and a battery that provides assistance to help the rider go further and faster. While still getting an effective work-out, you can ride up tough hills easily, enjoy long distances and have a faster commute. E-bikes are also environmentally friendly! With an e-bike, you choose your speed and assist, putting you in control of your entire ride.

No matter your size and age, there’s an e-bike right for you! Join in on the fun and see for yourself why e-bikes are the wave of the future. Here at Crazy Lenny’s E-Bikes, you don’t have to buy one, just try one….